Graphical Manager for Cemu Emulator


Cemu Gui includes essentials features to give you a max of pleasure

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Real-Time Optimizations

Our manager use inteligent CPU and GPU Detection wich that give us the possiblity to customize parameters as Processor Affinity, Priority or Hyperthreading instructions. it reduces GPU overheating risks.

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Get Exclusive CEMU Shaders

Cemu Gui allows to overwrite each drawcall associated with a vertex and pixel shader. For an example, you can get great results changing Bloom Effect, Contrast, shadows resolution or using "AA removal FX"...

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Cemu Game Profiles Editor

Download game profile for each rom and edit them as you want with our Cemu Profile editor. Otherwise, Cemu Gui will set the best config assuring you a stable framerate and according to computer Pc capacities.

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Wii U Artwork Library

Cemu Gui includes full scraping features to automate the process of downloading game fanart, boxart, screenshots, game profiles.... Collect all game infos from thegamedb or cemu wiki and build your own library.

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Video snaps from youtube

Cemu Gui allows to stream video game trailers from youtube servers. This function give you better portability and HDD performances. Let's Cemu Gui show you trailers in adaptative resolution.

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Game controller Profiles

The new controller profile system is designed to be easy to use and allow for greater flexibility in regards to future extensions. Now, you can edit the current input profile and switch active controllers.



The Graphic packs are usefull if they are generated in terms of your Pc configuration. Normaly, Anyone can make one (assuming they have the necessary know-how) or users can download them. In the options of Cemu individual graphic packs can then be enabled or disabled. Additionally, multiple graphic packs can be active for the same game as long as they don't interfere with each other. It gives each game the best graphic pack and cemu shader cache settings.

Cemu graphic packs can potentially change the game's internal resolution, increase the resolution and quality of shadows and modify or remove post-processing effects. Some Workarounds for graphic bugs exist but they appears as temporally solution. Changing lighting related aspects of the game can solve problems. Custom Anti-Aliasing is usefull for nicest results. Add or change any visual aspect of the already existing materials is very hard to do without some knowledge in this domain.



XInput support allows users to control games with your xinput controller without any mapping software. In the future update, Dualshocks and native motion controllers will be included. Additionally XInput controllers can finally make use of the rumble feature, which so far has only been supported for DirectInput controllers. For exemple, it will support 8 unique controllers. For playstation players, please note DS4Windows works fine as portable program that allows you to get the best experience while using a DualShock 4 on your PC. By emulating a Xbox 360 controller, many more games are accessible.

The new Cemu input gui can potentially improve the multiplayer, increase the player numbers for many games. Per exemple, It will allow 8 players in Smash 4 and two player in Donkey Kong Returns. Hopefully the rewrite of the input code will make cemuhook's input improvements easier to implement and contrroller profiles easiest to build. At this time, we highly recommend the Xbox 360 wireless controller with pc dongle because Windows 7 as Windows 10 instantly recognizes it and installs. In future update, you will be able to Stream Cemu games to Ps Vita or Nintendo Switch playing anywhere with Moonlight or REMx Launcher. It needs PC Requirements as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600+ series GPU and GeForce Experience application installed.

Use automated Dynamic Speedhack and cheat Engine features system

As the title suggests, this is a GX2SetGPUFence skip Metrhod for cemu that adjusts the dynamic speedhack value on the fly according to your current fps and a given FPS target. With GX2SetGPUFence skip Enabled, your computer will be able to run Botw at 30 FPS. For example, if you set the FPS target to 30. This can help a lot making The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild feel smoother, especially for players who suffer from a lot of slowdowns on Low End Computers. Others solutions exist to cap framerate at 30 frames and it works pretty well in various games.

The Last Cheat Engine scripts can be used to Bypass game restrictions as day limit or get infinite ammo items and exclusive rewards. The Easiest way to use them in Cemu Emulator is to click NFC Scan and choose the amiibo bin. Some users reported that specific items were not working but in future versions amiibo support will be better. A lots of codes can be generated for Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, Shovel knight. Cemu Gui is able to use Nvidia Profile Inspector or AMD Rivatuner and increase speed of the game for significant performance improvements. The specific Amiibo files are now compatible and scannable without restrictions. The only thing relevant to the game is the base, which contains a nfc chip transmitting the data in the .bin you can download on internet. CEMU can now read them using the NFC menu. You can also use them on a real Wii U if you get the N2 Elite thing, or those cheap single-writable tags you can get.